Carbon Steel Cold Roll

Roll Steel C1018

  • This low carbon steel has good case hardening properties.
  • Although not classed as a screw machine steel at times it may be specified.
  • This is an excellent steel for bending and cold forming & is often used where cold forming stresses are not too severe.
  • C1018 has good brazing and welding properties.
  • It has a smooth – clean – cold drawn (rolled) surface.
  • Yield strengths are approx. 50000 PSI range & machine-ability is rated at 66% (c1212 = 100%) & 111 surface feet per minute.

Cold Roll Steel  C1045 / Metric

  • This medium carbon steel is used for heat treating (quenching & tempering).
  • Although it has only a fair response to conventional quenching it is widely used where requirements are not to stringent.
  • It is also used extensively in induction hardening applications.
  • This is not normally considered a screw machine steel & is only fair for brazing & welding.
  • However it can be forged satisfactorily & is the most common shafting steel in the medium carbon range.

Turned Ground & Polished (TGP) 1045 /1144

  • When very close tolerances are required turning & center-less grinding is employed.
  • To achieve close tolerances the amount of metal removed in the final pass is very small.
  • The TG&P process is often required in bars used for shafting & similar applications which need to be free of surface imperfections.
  • To impart a very high polish to the surface it is not uncommon to finish the bar with a burnishing pass through a two-roll rotary straightening machine.
  • Hard Chromed TGP 1045
  • Hard Chromed TGP 1045 is a turned ground and polished product with a hard chromed coat added to the surface to increase toughness. Common use- hydraulic shafting.

Cold Roll Steel C1117

  • C-1117 is a resulpherized steel with good machinability & surface finish.
  • Suitable for cutting threading & automatic screw machine operations at moderate speeds & feeds.
    It may be bent or formed where such cold working operations are not too severe.
  • C-1117 has a smooth Cold Drawn (rolled) finish.
  • Yield strengths are approximately 55000 PSI range while machinability is rated at 89% & 150 surface feet per minute.

Cold Roll Steel C11L17

  • C11L17 offers increased machinablity over standard C-1117.
  • The addition of .15/35 lead content increases machinability by approximately 25% without generally affecting mechanical properties.
  • Yield strengths are approximately 55000 PSI range while machinablitity is rated at 115% (C1215 = 100%)

Cold Roll Steel C1141

  • C1141 is a medium-carbon steel with higher mechanical properties than other medium carbon steels, as well as free machining properties.
  • Because of the free machining properties, it is usuallly used in automatic screw machines. Applications: pins, studs, bolts, axles and various machine parts needing considerable machining, close finish tolerances, bright finish, and high mechanical properties.
  • Machinability rating is 70%, based on 1212 as 100%.

Stress-proof C1144

  • C1144 is made by a patented process which consists of drawing the bar through a special die under heavy draft, then stress relieving it in a precisely controlled furnace.
  • Users can now get wear-ability without case hardening, strength without heat treating, plus excellent machine-bility & tool life.
  • Other benefits include resistance to fatigue & stress, balanced working & minimum warp & distortion.
  • MetalMart.Com reserves the right to substitute an equivalent product. Stress-proof is a registered trademark of La Salle Steel.

Cold Roll Steel C12L14

  • C12L14 is a lead-bearing cold drawn steel.
  • It offers inherent ductility combined with finer surface quality.
  • It can be bent crimped and riveted.
  • Since 12L14 is an extraordinary machining steel it has become the favorite carbon metal for machining – especially on light weight lathes.
  • 12L14 has a smooth cold finish (rolled) surface.
  • Yield strengths are approx. 60,000 P.S.I. range while machine-ability is rated at 195% & 325 surface feet per minute.

Cold Rolled Sheet

  • Cold Roll Sheet is low carbon & commercial quality.
  • This low cost steel sheet is soft enough to bend flat on itself in any direction without cracking, & is ductile enough for shallow drawing.
  • The carbon is .10 max for improved welding & forming.
  • It has closer thickness tolerances & better surface than pickled & oiled.

Conforms to ASTM A-366

  • Tube Steel Dom Mechanical/Round Dom Tube
  • Mechanical Seamless Tubing offers considerable savings over solid bar in applications such as spacers, shafts, etc., where a hole is required.
  • Savings are determined by cost, weight, machining & temperatures during machining.
  • Bar stock is often cheaper per pound than tubing but generally costs more per piece as much of the weight is machined out.
  • Drawn Over Mandrel, or D.O.M., is a term applied to electric resistance welding tubing that has been finished by cold drawing through a die & over a mandrel.
  • Advantages of D.O.M. tubing include closer tolerances & a cold drawn surface finish as well as excellent wall uniformity.
  • D.O.M. tubing is widely used in the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders where concentricity, close tolerances & good or honed surfaces are of importance.
  • It can be purchased closer to the product size, with guarantees of clean-up to finished dimensions, resulting in less scrap &, in many cases, less machining.


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